Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Outsiders

If you have not heard Needtobreathe's 2009 cd The Outsiders stop what you are doing and go to your online sources and get it. Good luck finding it in stores. I stated and stand by the assumption that the best rock cd of 2008 was War Paint by The Black Crowes. I think the best rock cd of 2009 has to be Needtobreathe's The Outsiders.
The album just pulls you in from the begining with the anthem of those who stand on the outside. The lyrical imagery they take to tell their stories in song is exceptional and something you miss in much of today's music fueled by hooks and beats.Valley of Tomorrow says "I pulled a 38 out of my beating heart, I killed my selfish needs thats bringing me this far." another great line in "Valley of Tomorrow" is "I never second guess the little voice I heard thats just a whisper that sounds like a scream."
The song with it black gospel feel "Lay It Down" brings to mind the imagery of baptism as a place one can start over and leave all those things there in the water.The song "These Hardtimes", sure makes us people living in them believe that there is hope. There is the beautiful "Stones Under Rushing" water sung with Serena Ryder, is a heartwrenching look at how a love can grow cold and what it takes to make it work again. "Why don't we laugh anymore? Im not ok with that." Just sitting down and talking about it seems to be the answer. The recent hit from this album full of hits "Something Beautiful" reminds to find the beauty that exist in the world and seek it out. I truly could go on and on about each song but do yourself a favor and get this album you won't regret it.

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Anonymous said...

Agree that NEEDTOBREATHE has really come a long way towards being the artists they were meant to be. BUT only one correction - Serena Ryder sang Stone while on tour with them; Sara Watkins from Nicklecreek sang on the album. Both brought 'amazingness' to the song, but personally I preferred Serena's version on tour :)